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I co-mediate, together with my partner, adv. Shoshi Neri, complex litigation cases and class actions. In mediation, we apply a dynamic approach, bringing together our legal and economic expertise, as well as our direct acquaintance with actual court proceedings.

Our co-mediation approach offers innovative and unique combination of litigation experience gained over the years in both commercial and public sectors, with profound understanding of the strategic considerations underlying the parties' conflict, the substantive law, the regulatory environment in which the parties operate, and available procedural mechanisms.

In co-mediation we use cooperative negotiation, facilitative mediation, and evaluation. Our approach conjoins accurate analysis of the characteristics of the case, its prospects and risks, with open communication, involving both lawyers and their clients in the negotiations.

Our unique expertise in class actions allows us to accompany the parties, step by step, from the beginning of negotiations to the final approval of the settlement agreement by the court. Our involvement ensures an optimal agreement which realizes the full range of relevant interests and succeeds in surpassing the various requirements for class action settlement certification.

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