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Prof. Alon Klement

I am a Professor of Law at the Buchmann Faculty of Law, Tel-Aviv University. My main interests are Class actions and Aggregate litigation, Civil Procedure and Private International Law. I have published numerous papers, in English and Hebrew, in which I used economic theory to examine fundamental questions in these topics. In my research and teaching I search for applicable legal mechanisms that would produce optimal outcomes for society.

Recent Publications

In court

The Unexpected Effects of Israeli Courts' Approach to Dual-listed Companies

23 Theoretical Inquiries in Law 37 (2021)


Auctioning Class Action Representation

With Z. Naaman, M. Ofir

Forthcoming 37 J. of Law, Econ. Organization (2021)

Law Books

In-Kind Transfers and the Law of Torts

With A. Jacob, Y. Procaccia

47 J. of Legal Studies 181 (2018)

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